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Sourcepoint Counseling

Practical, Effective, Values-Based Therapy, Coaching, and Cognitive-Behavioral Change


Self-awareness, Healing & Growth


Welcome to Sourcepoint Counseling with Carolyn Davis EdD. I am a Licensed Counselor and offer counseling, life coaching and psychotherapy services. Developing greater self-awareness, healing from past events, learning new skills, and experimenting with different ways of being, all help us to make sense of what we've experienced and to move forward in life with greater openness and confidence.

There are a variety of issues and circumstances which might bring you to counseling or coaching. Most of us have had challenging things happen which caused pain, hurt, and confusion. When these experiences are internalized, our negative thoughts and memories become a filter that distorts how we see ourselves, others, and life in general. These blocks can lead to self-sabotage and conflict in our relationships. 

The positive outcomes of counseling and coaching change self-perception and this shift in understanding extends out to significantly improve many dimensions of your life. 


Recover a connection with what matters to you most. Live the life you want. BE REAL IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS.


Counseling and coaching for youth, teens, adults, couples and families.

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Support for health and wellness concerns such as:

Stress, anxiety
Life stage transitions
…and more



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