Counseling and coaching begin with an initial exploratory conversation. Next comes some more sharing and you'll complete a few questionnaires to build our foundation and to clarify your concerns, the contributing factors, and your goals.  Progress happens with a focus on the central issues and changes most urgent in your life and according to the pacing and frequency of sessions that feels right for you. 

I'll guide you step by step using evidenced-based counseling techniques and cognitive-behavioral change methods.

Self-care is a life-affirming act of compassion and the energy you invest in your well-being extends out and positively impacts others in your life too.

Below are some of the areas of concern that we can work on together.

  1. Trauma
  2. Stress, anxiety
  3. Depression
  4. Anger
  5. Grief
  6. Life stage transitions
  7. Relationships and improved communication
  8. Partner/marriage/family issues
  9. Personal growth, life purpose, career development
  10. Addictions including alcohol, drug use and other addictive habits


Payment Options

Direct Pay for Services ensures optimum privacy and personal decision-making for your counseling. My multi-session packages are convenient and offer per session rate savings. Cash, PayPal and credit card payments are accepted. 

Your first session is complimentary.





“In over four decades as a clinical psychologist I have rarely encountered an individual with the depth of compassion, therapeutic skill set and intuitive gifts such as Carolyn possesses. I can easily put her at the top of my referral sources."

–Jim Kantner, PhD Clinical Psychologist


"Carolyn has demonstrated a palpable sensitivity for guiding an individual (myself included) to discover areas within themselves that ultimately help one to make healthy and life supporting decisions.  She listens with her heart and readily sees and encourages the unique potential of the person. She provides a trusting presence where wounds have an opportunity to heal."

–Judith Boivin RN, LCSW


"Carolyn provided a safe place and compassionate environment for us to open up about our marriage.  She drew out our appreciation and love for each other, leaving us empowered and open to the beauty of our relationship. At the same time, she helped us to look truthfully at ourselves and to understand our differences, which helped with our communication and acceptance of each other. We are very grateful for her keen insight, expertise and special ability to hone in on issues. My husband also wanted to add that he suffers from PTSD and Carolyn gave him excellent advice on how to shift and move forward in life without so much anger and how to relate better in his marriage and to others. Carolyn's guidance has made a positive difference in our everyday lives together."

–Holly & Dennis C.


Carolyn has made a significant impact on my ability to be more effective in my relationships and in handling my emotions. She has an uncanny ability to see right into the heart of issues and to know what is needed for healing. She has brought me back to being centered when I was carried away with emotion and distorted thinking. She has the ability to draw out what's already inside us to help us heal ourselves and our relationships. Her guidance in my life has been invaluable.

–Eileen W.