Longing to Connect

There is a deep longing to connect with what's true inside, with the one who knows who you truly are. The one who has been there all along every step of the way, and knows you like no other.

This is the you who is aware of all of the privately funny and agonizing moments of absurdity, raw tenderness and sweet joy. These experiences only make sense to the one who sees the whole picture. The one who knows the whole story of you, since day one. 

That deep longing is a generative innate drive to live and love, share and contribute, as the genuine one who you are.

Once firmly established, this connection is a gift that keeps on giving. It is the source of your power and it resourcefully cuts through confusion. The longing ends. It's replaced with an exquisite steady state feeling of simply being the real one who you are, and brings the satisfaction of sharing that one with others.

Carolyn DavisComment